Things to Consider When Building ADU to Ensure a Smooth Construction

adu construction Los Angeles

ADU construction in Los Angeles is something that you might want to consider if you wish to expand your home and boost its resale value. When you have an ADU on your property, you can invite people to live in it. Your parents can stay there or you can have it rented out so you can get extra income every month. However, before you embark on this journey, there are several things that you need to consider.

The Layout and Design of the Home Before ADU Construction in Los Angeles

When drafting your accessory dwelling unit, you should consider your current home’s layout and design. Does it complement the other houses around your property? That is, the design of your ADU must align with your current house’s architectural style.

In that case, if it’s a brick home, design it in such a way that it matches your existing house. That said, when planning or designing an ADU, consider the materials you would want to use. You must avoid colored hues that will make the ADU look like a sore thumb. Keep in mind that if your goal of constructing an ADU is to boost its resale value, then you need to ensure that the ADU isn’t mismatched. Otherwise, it will definitely decrease your property value. You will have a hard time selling your home at the price you want.

adu construction Los Angeles

Privacy of the House

An accessory dwelling unit isn’t like a traditional home. It’s a permanent house that is attached to a primary residence. It has a real foundation, utility connections, and plumbing. Even though it’s attached to the primary house, you still need to consider the privacy of the people who will live there. The accommodations, however, will vary depending on who will stay in that house.

Regardless of who would be staying in that unit, you should consider installing privacy screens. You may invest in window blinds or landscaping. Bushes and trees can offer a sense of privacy. But that’s not all, they are vital in boosting the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Study the Regulations

Even if you live in the rural part of Los Angels, there are regulations that you need to follow. For instance, there are sizes of the ADU that you need to follow. Furthermore, you may need to pick a certain style allowed by your area. Thankfully, though, homeowners in Los Angels have a lot of flexibility when it comes to building an ADU. You don’t need to pay for major infrastructure and other costly expenses.

Because of the many benefits of ADUs, building one becomes a lot easier. The state of California hastened the ADU approval process. Currently, homeowners don’t need to wait 120 days to get the approval of their ADU construction. Instead, they just need 60 days to get it.

Hire a Home Builder

If you are planning to embark on this project, make sure that you hire a home builder. Keep in mind that what you’re building is not just a small tiny house that sits on a tree. It’s a separate house with a foundation, plumbing, and utility. For more information about ADU construction in Los Angeles, make sure to contact us here: (818) 699-0449.