ADU Construction & ADU Garage Conversion in LA

ADU Construction Los Angeles - ADU Garage Conversion


Amid a housing shortage that’s driving up rents and property values in LA, back houses and granny flats (or “accessory dwelling units”) are becoming a solution for local residents. New state policies passed in 2016 make construction of these small residences simpler. ADUs can provide an easy source of rental income and add value to a property.

How Much Does an ADU Cost?

Whether you decide to build a detached back house, buy a prefabricated unit, or add on to an existing residence, the cost of the project is likely to be sizable. It depends on the scope of the project but generally the range would be somewhere in the $50,000 to $150,000. If you only need the rough construction done and none of the finish, it can be done for cheaper. There are various financing options for property owner who don’t want to pay cash.

Do You Need a Permit for an ADU in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles cities, homeowners will need to run plans for the project by their local department of building and safety. For new construction, that means diagrams and exact measurements usually in a floor plan drawn up by an architect. You’ll obtain a permit for the construction, and it will be inspected by city official during various steps of the process. Usually the structure, the electricity, the plumbing, and heating systems will all need to be inspected.

Most Properties Can Build an ADU

The state allows homeowners in single-family neighborhoods to build an accessory dwelling unit as long as there’s room for it on the property. A detached ADU will need to be at least 10 feed from the main residence and 5 feet from any property lines.

If you’re interested in knowing more about ADU Construction Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to contact JP Builders. We can walk you through every step of the way including the permits, floor plan drawings, inspections, and construction to completion.