Rough Carpentry Contractors & Framers in Los Angeles

rough framing of a house los angeles


Carpentry as a whole is trade that involves the assembly, construction, and repair of wooden, and sometimes metal, structures. But within this trade, there are two types of carpentry: rough an finish.

What is Rough Carpentry?

In the construction industry, rough carpentry is also referred to as framing because it focuses on the framing of a building. Rough carpenters know how to precisely measure, cut, and shape wood and other building materials. They’re responsible for the wood and metal support systems that make up a structure’s walls, floors, and roof.

Residential Rough Framing

For most homes, framers measure, cut, and assemble lumber for foundation, subfloor, floor, walls, ceiling, and roof. This also includes anchors and other vital supports. A rough framing carpenter also measures and attaches studs around the spaces for windows and doors. Complicated geometrical calculation is required if the house includes arches or intricate roof designs. There is an immense amount of knowledge and skill when it comes to a complete frame of a structure.

Commercial Rough Framing

Commercial rough framing projects are the most rigid and specilized caprentry jobs, usually taken on by bigger companies. Oversight is strict, rules are rigid, and the work tends to be specialized.

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