Waterproofing Your House to Make Your Property Impenetrable by Water

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Waterproofing is one of the vital things to protect your house against structural damage. Rainfall, high humidity, and flood are common in Los Angeles. And water can easily seep into your house’s interior and damage the building materials. Furthermore, it can contribute to mold growth. That’s why it’s imperative to waterproof your house. To ensure that the project goes well without any delay, make sure to hire a general contractor in Los Angeles.

General Contractor in Los Angeles in Selecting the Best Waterproofing System

There are several waterproofing systems available. Not all of them are ideal for your property. That’s why you need to hire a contractor to help you understand the pros and cons of each system. If the right system is installed, it can properly prevent any leaks and water seepage that can cause structural damage.

Waterproofing Solutions

One of the most popular options is cementitious waterproofing. Although it’s the least effective, it’s also the easiest to do. As the term suggests, the cement fills the cracks to prevent leaks. Unfortunately, this material doesn’t contract and expand when the temperature fluctuates. In that case, it won’t last that long.

general contractor Los Angeles

Liquid System

It’s more effective than cementitious. The liquid becomes a rubbery coating when it’s applied to construction materials. In that case, it’s more flexible. It’s also versatile and UV-resistant.

The Best Waterproofing System

Mixing high-quality bitumen and polymers will make the best waterproofing solution for your property. Unfortunately, it’s labor-intensive. But it’s worth the cost because this material is elastic so it expands and contracts without cracking.

Why Waterproof Your Property?

If you wish to improve the value and functionality of your property, then make sure to waterproof it. It has countless benefits and it should be done whether or not the property is newly constructed or has been around for years.

Before this is performed, though, you need to hire a construction management company, like JP builders, to assess the waterproofing system in your property, if there’s any. Then the contractors will find any pre-existing problem to find small leaks. If there are leaks, they are fixed earlier before they can cause damage to the property. Keep in mind that leaks can cause structural damage to the building. If the damage is too severe, you will need to spend a lot of money just to repair it.

When is the Best time to Waterproof Your House?

The best time to do it is during the construction process. However, if your house is done and you want to further protect it, waterproofing can still be done. You don’t want to wait for leaks, cracks, or mold growth to arise before you consider this project seriously. You need to do it now so you won’t regret it later. Waterproofing is essential in protecting your house. Water can easily damage the building’s integrity. But you can prevent it from happening by waterproofing it. However, it’s not a DIY job. Instead, you need to hire a general contractor in Los Angeles to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Call JP Builders today for a consultation: (818) 699-0449.