The Many Uses of an ADU — It’s Not Just a Granny Flat

adu construction in Los Angeles

ADU construction in Los Angeles is increasingly popular these days. Thanks to the increasing rental fees. With an ADU on your property, you can use it for various purposes. But before you decide to build one, make sure to know why you are constructing an accessory dwelling unit.

Choose an ADU Construction in Los Angeles for a Guest House

It’s not a guest room but a guest house. If you often have visitors in your house, you might want to consider building a guest house for them. But don’t just build a guest house. Make sure that it’s an ADU.

Keep in mind that an ADU and a guest house are two different things. The former has its own kitchen. It’s a fully independent living space from the main house. The latter, on the other hand, may not have its own kitchen, although it may have bathroom facilities.

To be considered an ADU, the guest house must have a full kitchen bathroom and a private space for sleeping. In other words, it is a house where people can live independently without relying on the main house.

adu construction in Los Angeles

Rental ADU

Now, if you don’t have guests staying in your ADU guest house frequently, you may wish to rent it out. This will provide you an extra income every month. Because it’s a separate house, it has its own utilities. In that case, it has separate meter connections so your renters will know how much they consume for water, gas, and electricity.

This house can be used for the short-term or long-term. People can stay in this ADU for a few days, months, or even years. You may use it as a vacation rental for those who are traveling to LA and don’t want to stay in a hotel. However, you may need to get the proper permit if you wish to use the ADU in this situation. Without a proper permit, your renter can easily escape without paying the rent. They can argue that your rental house isn’t legal.

As a Granny Flat

In some cases, an ADU is referred to as a granny flat. Why? Many homeowners would build an ADU so their elderly parents can live with them in the same property but a separate house. Having a granny flat for your parents is a good thing to help them with their financial situation. Letting them stay in senior housing can be quite expensive.

And when your parents are staying in your ADU, you can check up on them and they can easily ask for your help if they need it. But they have their independence, which is vital to some parents. If you have kids, your parents staying in the granny flat can watch them while you’re working.

What’s the Right Design for Your ADU?

It depends on how you’re going to use the ADU. But no matter what the purpose of your ADU, you need to work with a home builder to complete the ADU construction in Los Angeles. Contact JP Builders today to know more about this project: (818) 699-0449.