Building a Custom Home with the Right Builders

home builders in Los Angeles

Are you planning to renovate your house? If you are, then make sure to hire our home builders in Los Angeles. It will make this project a lot smoother. You can also complete it in no time to minimize the delay.

Home Builders in Los Angeles for Your Custom Cabinets

When upgrading your house, you need to update your custom built-in cabinetry. In that way, the outdated cabinets will be beautiful and functional again. Our home builders include a trim carpenter with several years of experience in custom homebuilding. JP Builders has been building and constructing gorgeous and functional bookshelves, desks, closets, and pantry, among others.

We make sure that the custom built-ins will fit your space. And they will add that feeling of being “home.” The spaces that we can work on are the living rooms, game rooms, and study rooms. But we don’t limit our work on these spaces.

home builders in Los Angeles

Update the Staircase

It may not be the first thing on your mind if you decide to update or remodel your house. However, the staircase is a prominent structure in your home. That’s why you must look into it and consider that it might be time to upgrade it. You can update it to add a fresh railing or a new coat of paint. We may also trim the risers or provide a unique runner. You may also consider adding trim detailing. Or choose a rich color for the stair hall.

Update the Trim

You may consider reading magazines about house remodeling to find inspiration on what spaces you wish to update in your home. Updating your baseboards, door trim or crown molding may be suggested. If you wish to update them, you can do so but you need to determine the style you wish the trim will be like. Choosing to update the trim detailing will make your house appear as if it was built custom.


Don’t forget the doors in your house. You may replace them with solid core doors. They are of higher quality. Then, we can customize the paneling to match the updated style. But don’t just update the doors, make sure that you also update your house’s walls. Choose your desired aesthetic and inject your personal taste into the wall to give it a custom look. You can choose to apply custom paneling, unique paint colors, or fresh wallpaper. With help, you no longer have to look at the builder’s beige every day.


What’s a home renovation without updating your bathroom? You don’t have to redo everything in your bathroom. If it’s still functioning well, you can just update the lighting, cabinet, countertops, and tile. Various finish options won’t ruin your budget. We can show it to you during our consultation.

Updating your house can be a huge investment. In that case, you must not be wasting your time and money doing it on your own. Instead, hire our home builders in Los Angeles so we’ll complete the job on time. Let us help you customize your house by calling us here (818) 699-0449.