Building a Cozy Suite for Your Mother-In-Law

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A mother-in-law suite is an extra living space in your property. And our ADU construction Los Angeles company can design and build it for you. With this type of dwelling, you can keep your family closer without compromising anyone’s independence.

ADU Construction in Los Angeles to Give You Extra Space

In today’s market, it’s okay for your family to come together. With the increasing costs of senior house options, it might be best for your mother-in-law to stay with you. It can help in reducing her overall budget. Furthermore, you and your spouse can be with her immediately if she needs any help. However, your mother-in-law might not be ready to give up her independence, just yet. That’s why building an accessory dwelling unit can be a perfect solution for your situation. This dwelling can be constructed within your property. It can be your garage to be converted into an ADU that you can call a mother-in-law suite. Having this set up on your property will be convenient because your mother can help watch the house while you’re gone. She can also assist in taking care of your little kids.

What is an ADU?

It’s not just a suite for your mother-in-law. It can be a dwelling for anyone because it’s built to give you and your family additional living space in your property. It’s a fully functional living space that can be added to your home. An ADU can be a basement apartment, a granny flat, a garage apartment, or a secondary unit. Other names can describe what an ADU is, depending on how you’re going to use it. No matter what name you wish to label it, it still refers to the same thing. That is, it’s a secondary unit in the family property. It’s not a guest room, though. The reason for this is that an ADU is a fully functional living space. It’s equipped with a bathroom, a sleeping area, plumbing, and all the foundations that it needs.

Although it is a fully functional dwelling unit, it’s not an independent unit. Rather, it’s a part of a single-family unit built into and sold with the property. There are different types of ADUS. You can choose a detached type or an attached ADU. You can also opt for interior or garage conversion. Among the different types, the detached unit is the most independent. And it can be the best unit for your mother-in-law. It’s a free-standing unit with plumbing lines and utility hookups. It has its own entrance, too. It means that your mother-in-law can live an independent life. She can live there as if she’s living in a separate house.

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