Custom Storage Solutions for Your Precious ADU Space

Framing Carpenter

Space is vital in an ADU while the key priority is livability. To ensure you achieve these goals, you need to seriously consider the right storage. Whether you want to rent it out or live in the ADU yourself, you should work with a framing carpenter. The carpenter can help in the construction and repairing of the framework of your ADU. Most of all, he can help design the right custom storage solutions for your limited space.

Framing Carpenter in Building ADU and Storage Solutions

There are different storage solutions available for any type of home. However, if you want your storage for your small space to be more functional, make sure to collaborate with a designer. Here are great solutions for your small space storage woes:

Storage Under the Stairs

One of the storage solutions for small spaces, including ADU, is to incorporate drawers into the stairs. The drawers can be built-in inside the entryway. You can even incorporate a cupboard under the stairs to take advantage of the space.

Framing Carpenter

Storage Loft

You can install a little storage loft in the bedroom if there’s a bedroom in your ADU. You can store your favorite items inside it. Or you can turn it into a sleeping nook if you want to have your friends over to spend the night.

Movable Storage

Have you thought of having a movable storage wall? It can be used to separate your living room from your dining room. Or you can utilize it to divide your living and sleeping areas.

Modular Shelving

It’s one of the best options if you want your storage to change as your lives change. With modular shelving, you can easily piece together the shelves so they can be more functional. You may opt for open storage to give you quick access to everything.


To use your limited space more effectively, you can opt for built-ins. Think of the built-in storage as a piece of furniture that you can easily incorporate into the living space. Allow storage in all the right places. Choose to have built-ins throughout your ADU. You can even add built-in storage in the track door that closes off the bedroom.

Adequate Storage Space

Because of the limited space of an ADU, you may think that adding storage will only occupy tons of areas in minimal space. But it’s not actually true. Many ADU designers have designed and built adequate storage space in the ADU so homeowners can use it for everyday living. The only problem you will encounter is what to store in the storage options. You may choose to build a storage shed for your outdoor gear. Or you can create a separate shade to accommodate outdoor storage.

Need More Ideas?

If you still want more ideas for your storage issues in your ADU, please talk to a framing carpenter or an ADU designer at JP Builders. Call us here (818) 699-0449