Trends to Consider for Your Home Exteriors

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The exterior of your house sets the tone for your home. It leaves a lasting impression. It also creates curb appeal. Listed below are some of the trends our home builders in Los Angeles have seen across the country.

Home Builders in Los Angeles to Build These Design Trends

Farmhouse Look

Homes and Gardens describe it as “the perfect blend of the traditional country look with the more minimal contemporary design.” The exterior takes on the classic farmhouse. This is a trend that has been around for years. Even though some people think that this style is getting old-fashioned, buyers continue to choose it. This style is ideal for buyers who are craving authenticity and familiarity. But it has a modern, contemporary feel. This is a great design for you if you like shiplap, vertical siding, and black window frames.

House with Lots of Light

If you love having glass that brings in daylight and views, this type of design is for homeowners who like to have connections to the outdoors. It comes with thinner profiles with windows that can be put together while preserving the view. This is a less expensive alternative to having massive door and window units.

Home Builders Los Angeles

Multi-Textured Exterior

This is the exterior you want to consider if you wish to create a varied look or add some dimension. With this design, you can blend horizontal siding with vertical siding. It will look like a contemporary home and you can add cedar rain screen accents. It can blend with your property’s natural environment.

Mix the Indoors and Out

More and more homeowners want to blend indoors and outdoors by adding multi-panel doors that you can slide out of the way to connect to the outside space. This is perfect if your house is built overlooking the sea or on a farm.

Exterior with Low Maintenance

No one wants to spend their weekend washing or re-staining their siding. Thus, when choosing the right home exterior, opt for something that requires little to no maintenance. The good thing is that you can opt for exterior cladding materials that resist moisture, insects, and cracking. They are a man-made formula that offers an authentic look of cedar.

Who to Hire to Design and Build One of these Home Exterior Designs?

There are plenty of options to choose from. When choosing home builders, you can’t pick the first contractor that comes on top of the search result. You must investigate first and find out what its services are. Make sure to obtain quotes. Interview each contractor to know what kind of custom home building it can offer.

Why JP Builders?

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