Choosing the Right Colors for Your ADU

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ADU or your granny’s flat can present some unique challenges that require innovative solutions. If you want a more functional ADU, you need to make the interior space feel lighter, spacious, and more efficient. Picking the right color can also make a difference to the limited space. If you work with one of the construction companies in Los Angeles, you will get recommendations to help you pick the right color palette for your ADU.

Construction Companies in Los Angeles to Pull Your Space Together

To help you make your ADU feel more cohesive, consider creating an intentional color palette. The most common choice for ADUs is off-white interior paint. According to House Beautiful, “Off-white, on the other hand, leaves a softer, gentler impression.” And to make the small space feel larger, consider painting the trim and wall moldings in a lighter color than the wall.

Construction Companies in Los Angeles

Are You Stuck with Off-White Option?

It’s not the only option though. Bright colors can work well in a limited space. But you need to select intentionally. Don’t worry about going too bold. There’s always a way to mitigate this issue. For instance, you can choose to accessorize the ADU with picture frames. You can even add some colorful throw pillows. Mix in some neutrals to avoid overwhelming your granny flat.

Optimizing Storage

Regardless of how you’re going to use your ADU, whether it’s for a home office or a home gym, you need storage. But you have to be careful on how to put storage in this small space to make it more livable. As you optimize the space and storage, you can increase the usable footage in your ADU. For instance, you can choose built-in shelves and cabinets. You should also incorporate built-in storage in the kitchen and bathroom areas. And make sure that the storage is designed to minimize clutter. Remember that with a small space, any clutter can easily be noticed.

Opt for Tall Ceilings

During the construction of your ADU, you should talk to the contractor or designer about the importance of tall ceilings. Tall ceilings can create larger space. However, granny flat codes only allow homeowners to build up to 16-fee high. But you can choose vaulted ceilings to make the small spaces feel larger. You may also opt to have a second-level loft for your bedroom or storage.

Work with a Construction Company

When designing and constructing your ADU, it’s best that you work with a construction company to ensure what you have envisioned will be put into reality. But before designing, the company will first how you’re going to use the space. If it serves multiple functions, condor design choices give you the flexibility that you need.

Get Superior Craftsmanship

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