ADU Homes for an Elderly Family Member: What are the Benefits?

ADU Construction

The number of ADU construction projects in LA is increasing. The local government is seeing a steady rise in the coming years. If you own a home in LA and want to provide a house for an elderly family member, like your grandparent, then an ADU home is probably the best option.

What are the Benefits of ADU Construction for Elderly Family Members?

You may think that having an ADU in your yard will limit your usable space. But this type of construction can actually offer various benefits. Here are some of them.

House an Elderly Family Member

If your mother is living in senior citizen housing, you may make long trips to see her. But you can take the hassle away by opting to build her an ADU right on your property. You can visit her every day while she maintains her privacy. And if your mother is under medical care, an ADU home is a viable option. She can still stay in your main house while the caregiver can stay in the ADU.

ADU Construction

Add Value to Your Property

An ADU can add value to your property. This is a straightforward way to achieve your goal. Many homeowners now prefer properties with a secondary dwelling unit. In that case, if you want to put up your property for sale, then choose to construct an ADU.

Generate Passive Income

If you’re wondering how you can boost your income every month, you might want to try building an ADHU home. It comes with living amenities that many people would want to take advantage of. Many young people are moving to the big cities. They are looking for affordable housing options that provide privacy, comfort, and independent living.

Easy to Maintain

It’s easy to take care of an ADU because of its size. Furthermore, you get a lower utility bill. Since its electrical and sewer services are connected to the main house, it’s easy to maintain it.

Create an Office Space

With the recent shift in workplaces, working from home has become a norm. You can choose to work somewhere in your main house or you can build office space in a form of an ADU. Having an office space in your ADU will help you focus on your work responsibilities and separate your professional life from your personal life. With the ADU, you’ll have the privacy that you need so you can carry on with your work without disruptions.

What’s Next?

The next thing you need to consider is what type of ADU to build. There are two types of ADUs — attached and detached. The latter is the most popular type. However, it still depends on your property. Contact our ADU experts today. We’ll help you decide whether or not ADU is a good option. JP builders and Developers specialize in custom home building and ADU construction. Call us today to know more about our services: (818) 699-0449.