Why So Many Choose JP Builders & Development

ADU contractor

Have you been searching for a ADU contractor? Are you looking for a commercial or residential contractor and your search hasn’t turned up anything yet? Here at JP Builders & Development, we specialize in new construction, custom home building, renovations of commercial as well as residential facilities, and so much more, all with sustainable, eco-friendly construction. You may not find us on any billboard or in an expensive TV ad, but the truth is, we really haven’t needed that to grow. The more than five thousand jobs we’ve completed come from referrals, satisfied customers, and other folks that we’ve built long-standing relationships with. Now, we’re ready to help you, too. 

What We Offer at JP Builders & Development 

In a word, professionalism. When we started this, we were a modest home remodeling company in Los Angeles. Even then, we had a client-first approach, always keeping the client both in mind as well as in communication. Then, over time, we’ve grown to a large-scale residential and commercial construction business. Of course, we never lost touch with that client-first approach, always putting it at the forefront of everything we do, no matter the size or scope of the project. 

Core Benefits to Our Customers 

We’d call these “core principles,” except we believe that it’s far more important what we do than what we say. From the beginning, we hired our staff not only for their talent, expertise, and abilities, but also because they were friendly and caring to all. Our job sites are always clean, safe, and organized, no matter what. We’ve found that helps quite a bit even from the very beginning of the job, as we’re quite proud of our 96% on-time completion record. For safety and peace of mind, we have full workers’ compensation as well as $2 million in general liability insurance. 

What We Build 

Essentially, anything you would expect a general contractor to be involved with. That means we can handle the custom home of your dreams, of course. But, we can also put together an ADU that helps you with extra income, increased property value, and so much more. If there’s any standard (or unique) renovations you want for your home, we can do those, too. For our commercial clients, we specialize in both the prep and planning for large-scale commercial projects, always delivered both on time and on budget. 

Ready to Offer a Free Estimate Today

All throughout the construction process, we make sure to focus on the client’s vision. After all, that’s what it’s all about – long after we’ve put the final, noticeably detailed finish work on the project, it’s the client who’ll live or work there. So, we make sure to stay in seamless communication, always keeping the client involved. Then, if something’s not 100% right, or somehow doesn’t meet what they wanted, we make sure to fix it and make it right. If you’re thinking about a renovation, a new home, a commercial facility, or so much else, we can provide a free estimate at (818) 699-0449.