Can an ADU be Two-Story?

ADU Construction Los Angeles

ADU construction in Los Angeles is sprouting. It has a lot of names. But the most common one is granny flat. ADU can help you generate rental income or your aging parents can live here. As it boosts California’s dwindling housing stock, the government introduced code section 65852.2 that encourages ADU construction. If you’re planning to build an ADU in your property, you might wonder whether you’re limited to a one-story or you’re allowed to have a two-story ADU?

What is the Maximum Height of ADU Construction in Los Angeles?

You can build a two-story ADU if your existing home is two-story. If it’s just a one-story, you can only build a one-story ADU. The maximum height of ADU you can build must not exceed the tallest point of your home. For instance, if your current house is 25 feet on a two-story, your ADU must not exceed 25 feet.

In addition to the height, it’s also ideal to know these things.

  • Check your property’s eligibility. The said government code indeed encourages ADU construction. However, not all properties are eligible. Consider the density of the ADUs on a property and the distance between the ADU and the main house must be sufficient for fire safety.
  • Know if you require additional parking. Before the government introduced the code section that encourages ADU construction, cities across the state necessitated new off-street parts to be built for an accessory dwelling unit. But the recent update on the code won’t require a new parking space if the property meets the requirements.
  • Design and plan access to the ADU. Safety must be your number 1 consideration when building an ADU. Make sure that there’s no obstruction to the street.
  • Offer privacy. How to design privacy into the layout will depend on who will be living there. If you’re planning to let your parents stay there, less privacy may be needed. However, if you’re planning to generate income from it by renting it out, then privacy can be a huge deal.
  • Know if you can tap into the utility connections. ADUs are not regarded as new residential uses. They don’t require separate service meters.

ADU Construction Los Angeles

Does ADU Boost the Value of Your Property?

Yes, it does. Furthermore, you can rent it out so you have additional income that can compensate for the cost of building it. But adding value to your property isn’t the only reason many homeowners in LA are turning to ADU construction. Read here to find other reasons LA homeowners are constructing it.

How Can You Start Building ADU?

ADU construction in Los Angeles may be expensive. Although it’s steep, the payback period is fairly quick. If you need to know more about constructing an accessory dwelling unit on your property, you may contact us so we can give you a free consultation with a quote. Call us at (818) 699-0449.