ADU Construction That Always Takes Your Needs Into Account

ADU Construction 

Have you seen an ADU on someone else’s property and thought: “I would really like to have one of those?” Does it feel like you’re the only person you know that doesn’t have a place to rent out, or somewhere nearby for your parents/loved ones to live? Those are just some of the ways that an ADU can help. However, your property and indeed, your life won’t be helped by just any ADU. Rather, you need the ADU that’s exactly right for your needs. Our ADU construction professionals can help you every step of the way. 

Affordable ADU Construction 

Many folks decide to get an ADU after looking at options like building a larger home, putting on an addition, etc. Now, an ADU is not cheap. There’s nothing “inexpensive” about it. However, many have found that an ADU can be the best option for your property as well as for your budget. Here at JP Builders, we’ve found that, for the most part, an ADU goes for anywhere between fifty grand to one hundred and fifty grand. Now, it can even be done for less than that, for those who only need the rough construction done. That said, we’re committed to providing ADU solutions. So, to that end, we offer financing as well. 

Helping You Through the Process 

As you might imagine, deciding to get an ADU on your property is not as simple as waking up one morning, declaring “I’m going to build an ADU on my property,” and then doing it. There’s an entire process that you have to go through. Showing the local department of building and safety professionally-drawn floor plans typically by an architect that includes exact measurements and more. There’s plenty of inspections that will need to be done throughout the process. We can help to counsel and guide you through this as well. 

An ADU for Your Property 

“I’d love to get an ADU, but I just don’t know if we have the room for one on our property.” Over the years, we’ve found that many folks are able to get an ADU on their property that didn’t think they would be able to fit one. The parameters are: it has to be at least five feet from any property lines and at least ten feet from the main residence. That’s it. If you have that kind of space, then you can absolutely fit an ADU on your property. 

More Than an ADU Contractor 

We understand that, you may have read to this part of the blog and thought: “Wow, that looks more involved than I thought it might be.” That’s OK! We can help. Indeed, we’ve helped so many through every step of the process many times. From getting the permits, acquiring the right floor plan drawings, all of the inspections and, of course, the construction – we do everything in our power to make sure your ADU is exactly how you want it. For more: (818) 699-0400. 

The right ADU construction can upgrade your property and so much more. For more: (818) 699-0400.